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Reflecting on fifty years on this beautiful big blue ball...

Twenty years ago during a job interview, I was asked what I wanted to be doing in twenty years.  I answered that when I was fifty, I wanted to be a writer.  I figured that by then, I would be old enough, wise enough, experienced enough to be deemed qualified to share my thoughts with others.  Well, age and some experience have certainly come, but I'm not so sure about the wisdom.  At any rate, I started writing fiction ten years ago, and, in honor of my fiftieth birthday, November 5, 2008, I am announcing the publication of Intimations of Austen , a collection of my Austen-inspired stories.  Visit to purchase online.


Several years ago I was lucky enough to have one of my non-Austen stories, The Last Chance Texaco, included in Dry Spell: Tales of Thirst and Longing, an anthology of short stories from the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Press.  Just as my lifelong love of Austen has inspired much of my writing, my lifelong love of EmmyLou Harris's music inspired this story as well as several others.  It is based on EmmyLou's song, The Boy from Tupolo.

In addition to Austen and EmmyLou, there are a few other things that have shaped how I am today...

My parents, who celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on October 9, 2008.  They gave me a love of literature, took me to operas, taught me to skate, and sent me to great schools...Cheyenne Mt. High School and Colorado College.

My siblings--four older brothers and an older sister--taught me to play hockey (i.e., stand in a net and let them shoot pucks at me), recite the witches's spell from Macbeth, and sing Irish and Scottish pub songs.  They gave me books to read and music to listen to (though I never did warm to the Rolling Stones).  They taught me to play golf and enjoy the great outdoors.

HHere I am with my dad and brothers Stewart and Eric at the Four Corners--the wonderful desolate place where Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah meet.

My sister Frances knitted so many sweaters for me, including the one I'm wearing here...a gorgeous yellow sweater with navy blue birds on it.

July 4, 1982

I spent my most of my youth at the Broadmoor World Arena, which was just a mile or so from the house where we lived in in Colorado Springs.  In addition to speed skating, I also figure skated...and was in a lot of ice shows where I got to wear a host of crazy costumes!  Here are my favorites:


I also participated in figure skating competitions, and I've always liked this one (note my mod 70's "shag" hairdo) where I'm waiting for the results to be posted:

I guess I'm a creature born to live in a rut...I've lived in Colorado my entire life, worked for the same company for over 27 years, and been married to the same man for almost 25.  And I wouldn't change a thing!

Jeff and I were married at Shove Chapel on the Colorado College campus on May 12, 1984.


God has been very good to us.